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Littlefield explains his re-enacting as Coswell Timms and other Southern characters. This video is the first 6 minutes of the interview and serves as a brief introduction to Littlefield's work. For the full interview see

See Jim's interview on TV as a YouTube:

“Great trailer…I was fascinated all the way through it.” Tom Santos (Chairman of the southeast chapter of  the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association)


Books by Jim Littlefield



History Matters: Tales of New England That Still Echo TodayHistory Matters

An Archaeological Look Into the Past

Paperback – November 3, 2014 (see book on Amazon)


An Archaeological Look Into the Past. Anyone who believes high school students incapable of making a significant contribution to history has not read this book. Exchanging the classroom for a calibrated hole in the ground and textbooks for trowels, students begin a slow and meticulous descent into the past. Share with us a remarkable archaeological journey back in time, with special thanks given to the old timers, who left tantalizing clues behind for later generations to piece together their stories.


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The Slave Catcher's Woman

Paperback – July 1, 2013 (see book on Amazon)

Expertly researched and vividly written this historical novel (with its memorable cast of characters, intriguing twists and turns, and unencumbered portrayals of life during the pre-civil war south) invites the reader to venture upon an unforgettable, enlightenng journey into one of the most controversial periods of our history.


Georgia bounty hunter Coswell Tims is the focus of this story. As one reviewer said, "Tims' voice is that of an engaging backwoods storyteller who soon wins the reader's sympathy in this action-packed narrative of killings, fist-fights, knifings and kidnappings. Interspersed between accounts of these adventures Littlefield manages to painlessly insert well-researched nuggets of American history ranging from riverboats to smallpox."

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Jim with bloodhound

About the Author

Jim Littlefield is a renowned teacher of American history and anthropology.

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Jim as Coswell before a class

For Educators

A list of study or discussion questions is available to assist educators with their classes.

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Jim at jail

About Jim's Speaking and Performances

Jim portrays interesting characters from our past to aid people of all ages learn about history.

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