History Matters:
Tales of New England That Still Echo Today


An Archaeological Look Into the Past


History Matters

Paperback – November 3, 2014 (see book on Amazon)


An Archaeological Look Into the Past. Anyone who believes high school students incapable of making a significant contribution to history has not read this book. Exchanging the classroom for a calibrated hole in the ground and textbooks for trowels, students begin a slow and meticulous descent into the past. Share with us a remarkable archaeological journey back in time, with special thanks given to the old timers, who left tantalizing clues behind for later generations to piece together their stories.


Each 3-page chapter describes an investigation into an historical question performed by Jim and his students. The investigations generally involve archaeology and primary research used to solve a mystery. The stories take place in Saybrook Colony and the Lyme area of Connecticut.


From a reviewer:

"Littlefield has the gift of being able to make history reach out and grab the modern reader. Littlefield’s history makes a connection between what is old and what is in the present day in a way that is very enjoyable.

Reading about Littlefield’s archaeology work and how he researches personal and paper records to discover all that can be gathered about an object is utterly fascinating. It makes me wish that I had had the opportunity to engage in archaeology in High School or college, but I was not so fortunate. I also wish that I had Littlefield as my teacher. However, the next best thing is to allow Littlefield to take me along with him through his book."




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