Coswell on the trail
Coswell on the trail

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An interview of Jim Littlefied on Community Culture Showcase (TV show). In this segment, Jim explains the relationship between his first book, Slavecatcher's Woman and his second book, Slavetaker: The Promise.


More about the book, Slavetaker: The Promise

Slavetaker: The Promise

Paperback – August 23, 2018 (see book on Amazon)


“Catastrophe can descend upon a man quicker than a hungry dog can lick a dish and that’s a certain-sure fact,” says former slavecatcher, Coswell Elias Tims.


Author, James Littlefield, suggests a new perspective on the American Civil War in “Slavetaker: The Promise,” the long-awaited sequel to “The Slave Catcher’s Woman.” From the eyes and pens of a southern slave catcher and his female servant, their stories expose many of the often-overlooked horrors and suffering that war brings with it.


The legendary Tims' bloodhounds that have made the family such a good living in the past, now appear helpless in the face of Confederate pressmen and Yankee invaders. Ruthless slave speculators, an escaped lunatic from a nearby asylum, jealous neighbors, profiteering, rampant racism and emboldened home guards add to the family’s peril. Coswell Tims, along with his loving wife, Cynthia, his brother Jesse, and servants, Sanford and Little Peney, find themselves bound tightly together through promises and circumstance and must rely on one another if they are to outlast the calamity of civil war.

A Review by Hugh T. Harrington


The world was introduced to the slavecatcher Coswell Tims in Littlefield’s outstanding novel The Slave Catcher’s Woman in 2013. The long-awaited sequel, Slavetaker: The Promise is now available, and it won’t disappoint anyone. The setting is the South during the Civil War. The mostly historical characters so well remembered from the first novel are back, but this time the main character is the Civil War itself.


This is a tale of love conquering racism, violence and hate. However, this action-packed adventure will appeal to virtually any reader. There’s even a surprise ending to wrap it all up. Highly recommended.




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