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Treasured Tales

Treasured Tales of the New England Shore

Author, Jim Littlefield, takes readers on another historic New England field trip. The treasured tales in this book are the product of the New England coastline, most often Connecticut and frequently from the seaside town of East Lyme. They often spring from archaeological investigations undertaken in the area, but not all stories are about artifacts. Some are about local people, some are about famous people with local connections, some reference historical activities or events, and some center on important places. Because the author’s family has strong local connections, the stories are often personal and, as a result, are passionately written and impactful. This will be Mr. Littlefield’s last local history book.

Paperback – March 5, 2024 - book forthcoming on Amazon

Fireside Memories

Fireside Memories: Tales of East Lyme's Past

Fireside Memories, Tales of East Lyme’s Past offers readers a chance to examine local history in a new and novel way. Unlike many traditional sources that just factually go about the telling of stories “long ago and far away,” this book utilizes a much different approach. Employing a kaleidoscope of viable resources at his disposal, author James Littlefield, weaves together his tales, bringing history back to life with his own personal, homespun touch. Through archaeology, the use of primary documents, interviews, cemetery records and personal reflections due to his (and his family’s) long time association with the New England town in question, Fireside Memories effectively introduces the curious reader to the town and people of East Lyme, Connecticut.

Paperback – February 21, 2020 (see book on Amazon )

The Slave Catcher's Woman

The Slave Catcher's Woman

Expertly researched and vividly written this historical novel (with its memorable cast of characters, intriguing twists and turns, and unencumbered portrayals of life during the pre-civil war south) invites the reader to venture upon an unforgettable, enlightenng journey into one of the most controversial periods of our history.

Georgia bounty hunter Coswell Tims is the focus of this story. As one reviewer said, "Tims' voice is that of an engaging backwoods storyteller who soon wins the reader's sympathy in this action-packed narrative of killings, fist-fights, knifings and kidnappings. Interspersed between accounts of these adventures Littlefield manages to painlessly insert well-researched nuggets of American history ranging from riverboats to smallpox."

Paperback - July 1, 2013 (see book on Amazon)

Slavetaker: The Promise

Slavetaker: The Promise

During the dark days of the American Civil War, promises, sometimes spoken and sometimes unspoken, might often be all people had left to keep up their spirits and give them hope. Cynthia and Coswell Tims' survival would depend on such a promise. Their alliance was a strong one, but escaped lunatics, jealous neighbors, ruthless slave speculators, emboldened home guards, Yankee invaders and ever-present racism would test their resolve. Expertly written and historically grounded, the saga of Coswell Tims and his wife, Cynthia, continues on through the perils of war and change. From two diaries, the author draws forth the story of a southern Civil War era family and with the aid of a modern side story, offers the reader a compelling case for what true love can make possible.

Paperback – August 23, 2018 (see book on Amazon)

History Matters: Tales of New England That Still Echo Today

History Matters: Tales of New England That Still Echo Today

An archaeological look into the past. Anyone who believes high school students incapable of making a significant contribution to history has not read this book. Exchanging the classroom for a calibrated hole in the ground and textbooks for trowels, students begin a slow and meticulous descent into the past. Share with us a remarkable archaeological journey back in time, with special thanks given to the old timers, who left tantalizing clues behind for later generations to piece together their stories.

Paperback – November 3, 2014 (see book on Amazon)

About Jim Littlefield

Jim Littlefield has “lived” history over the years, which makes his written journeys back into the past much more meaningful. Teaching history in public schools for almost fifty years, restoring and living in two vintage homes, working in his blacksmith shop, participating in Civil War living history, working with local archaeologists, and writing a local history newspaper column for fourteen years demonstrates the degree of commitment and love this author has had for his work. History truly does matter to him. It is his passion, and that passion is clearly evident in his historical offerings.

For many years, Mr. Littlefield taught a high school anthropology course that offered a six-week off campus archaeological experience for students. As a result of almost two decades of digging and discovery, three of the history books described on this page have emerged. Jim continues to work in his blacksmith shop and to peck away at the keyboard writing history. It was once said that “the capital stock of the young is hope, but the treasury of age is memory.” Mr. Littlefield might suggest that memories are important to young and old alike. It's never too early to start enjoying the benefits that studying history makes possible.



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